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Author Topic: SASS RO-I Manual <--obsolete - New Shooters Handbook available  (Read 226 times)

Anita Margarita

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Some of you may have noticed that the RO-I Manual is no longer available on the SASS website.  Instead, they have a RO-I Student Course, but it is a Powerpoint slide presentation that does not include anywhere near all of the content - and certainly not in the same quotable format - as the manual itself.  Supposedly SASS is rewriting and consolidating all the manuals, but until that time, it seems crazy not to have the rule book available for new shooters (..or anyone really).

So, that said, I thought it would be good to post here the last available version of the RO-I Manual.  Please keep in mind that there have been a few rule changes and "clarifications" made since Feb 2016, when this was published. I try to keep up with these clarifications and post about them in the Rules Discussion section of this forum.

The RO-I Manual is: here

The SASS Shooter's Handbook is still available on the SASS website:  here


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Jim Mayo

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Re: SASS RO-I Manual
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Thanks Anita!